For over two decades Ocea has seen the benefit of utilising the slatted cover system as a heating source by harnessing energy from the sun. Ocea continue to refine their solar technology, using superior materials and processes, providing you with the most effective energy saving and environmentally friendly method of heating your pool. Testament to our commitment to provide leading solar cover technology is the fact that 70% of our customers choose a solar cover option.

The average amount of solar energy available per square meter for the entire earth over an entire day is 164 watts per m². This is an average over 24 hours for an 8hr sunny day and the peak during this 24hr period can easily be 300 watts per m². If you apply this to an average pool measuring 5m x 10m the following amount of energy is available to harness:

Detail Calculation Result
Pool size 5m x 10m 50m²
Average energy available 50m² x 164watts 8200 watts (8.2Kw)
Peak energy available 50m² x 300watts 15000 watts (15Kw)