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Posted on: 14th Dec 2017 by: Ocea: Automatic Pool Covers

Ocea UK has won the prestigious title of Supplier Website Of The Year in the recent UK Pool & Spa Awards competition.
At the prize-giving ceremony, the judging panel praised Ocea for producing an outstanding website that not only looks good but is packed with information, images and case studies.
Backed with up to date news and full social media support, the website raises the bar for the automatic pool cover supplier market, they added.
When Ocea UK began the planning for a new website top of their wish list was an engine room for enquiries that reflected the recognisable corporate branding.
The team wanted a site that reflected the high-end luxury pool market it serves of as the market leader in the automatic pool cover field.
Ocea wanted a site that would appeal to discerning consumers as well as core pool trade partners, architects and specifers.
Most importantly, it will serve as an enhanced sales tool for pool installers when project planning with customers.
Managing Director Alan Thorne commented: "Because we strive to deliver unrivalled product excellence, it was important our new website reflects this.
"We set out to raise the bar when it comes to industry websites and I believe we have more than achieved our goal," Alan added.
"The website is a valuable shop window and is packed with examples of pools featuring finished projects," he said, adding: "We are delighted to have received the endorsement of the UK Pool & Spa Awards."

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Launch date:
The site was launched in October 2017.
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A highlight of the site has to be the colour choice option so that customers can see the vast pallete of colour options available in the Ocea range.
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The site more than fulfills the wish list with a clean, straight forward navigation; a hard-working site that acts as a cyber brochure.

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