Insulating a swimming pool is a good secondary heat retention factor, although not as significant an effect as reducing evaporation. All Ocea covers provide a blanket insulation U-value of at most 3.5W/m²K. Our low U-value gives you the confidence that the insulation provided by an Ocea cover is the ideal final energy saving technique required for an effectively managed pool system.

Heat loss is a major factor to consider when having a pool constructed. If not properly considered when designing the pool the cost of maintaining a reasonable swimming temperature can be extremely costly. The problem with heating water is that the majority of the energy that is put into the the water to heat it to the desired temperature, will then easily escape from the water surface in the form of evaporation! Evaporation accounts for around 85% of the heat loss from a swimming pool. So whatever modern material you use to insulate the pool shell during its construction this is only dealing with a small fraction (15%) of the overall heat lost from the pool water. By installing an Ocea pool cover the cover will reduce heat loss by up to 85% when the cover is on the pool this is done by stopping the potential for the energy to escape through the form of evaporation.