The Logic motor has been extremely reliable over more than 12 years of dedicated service. Nevertheless, as it strives for continuous improvement, Ocea have made a few changes to enhance the in-house serviceability – notably by using nitrogen rather than resin to waterproof the mechanical components.

Offering a five-year warranty on its motor, the advantage of the Logic motor system is that it is fitted inside of the cover roller itself. This method ensures that installation space is minimised and that there are no moving parts outside of the pool. In this system the cover roller is immersed in the pool and is supported with two brackets, which are bolted to the pool shell. The cable for the motor passes through the pool shell and is covered in a plastic sleeve for protection. The fully automated cover system is operated simply by the use of a key switch or RF controller. The motor comes in 250Nm and 500Nm torque – allowing for a huge range of pool sizes and depths.


The Classic motor system is the traditional method for motorising an automatic pool cover. This system has been used in the industry for over 25 years and is just as suitable now as it has ever been. However, Ocea has advanced this technology by adding our Hybrid type electrical power system – this has the added benefit of being watertight, with an IP68 rating.

The Classic motor differs from the Logic motor in that it is mounted in a dry pit, external to the pool shell. Ocea have engineered a stainless steel through-the-wall drive passage which utilises a double bearing system and a double watertight sealing mechanism. These processes give the Ocea Classic motor system two main advantages; being watertight in the event of a flash flood and making it easily accessible for servicing.